Eliza has always wanted to go to boarding school, so when her parents are transferred to Toronto for a year she's eager to attend Ashdown Academy in Vancouver. Even though she discovers that a real boarding school is not like the books she has read, Eliza enjoys the novelty of wearing a uniform and living in the Yellow Dorm with four other girls. When one of the girls, Helen, starts the "daring game", however, Eliza's life at boarding school becomes more complicated. Her growing friendship with Helen puts her in a position of conflicting loyalties.

About this novel:
I was sent to Crofton House School, a boarding school for girls, in Vancouver for grades ten to twelve. My great aunt in Scotland had given me many novels about boarding schools over the years. The reality was not as exciting as a novel, but I enjoyed my new friends and the security of the routine. Because we had lived in Vancouver three years earlier and I missed it dreadfully, I was thrilled to be back there.

Just before I started this novel I read a memoir by Antonia White called FROST IN MAY, about her experiences at a convent school. Because I remembered so much about being at Crofton House, I was inspired to write about my own experiences. Like many authors, my first book was my most autobiographical. I wrote about a younger girl than I was, but about half of the book is based on things that really happened to me. The book is so close to reality that, even now, I sometimes have trouble sorting out what happened at Crofton House and what happened at Ashdown Academy!

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